10 Oct 2011

Min morgon tv interview (in Swedish)

Here comes the tv interview. I am the first guest so just start the clip and enjoy. If it doesn´t work outside of Finland I am sorry but then I will try to get it and put it up for you.

All in all I had a good time at the Min Morgon studio and got a great breakfast the minute I arrived. Thanks to the hostess Soxxy! Then I got a make-up on and to the interview I went. The 10 minutes of fame felt short but I felt like I gave them a pretty good picture of what I was doing.

Regarding the radio interview, I can now promise you a version of it that is listenable everywhere. Hopefully it will be sent to me today.

The TV interview


  1. Ibland saknar jag lite Min morgons frukostar :)

  2. Klippet visas endast i Finland. Ellinor

  3. Well spoken! Verbal and creative!!!!

  4. tackaar! synd att det bara gick att kolla i finland. ser fram emot att höra radiointervjun. gillar förresten busshållplatsidén starkt!


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