30 Nov 2011

The bus stop pt.6

Mr & Mrs. Surename Here
In those days a decree went out from the blog masters that all of the world should hint the blog masters a blog to be nominated for the blog awards. This was the second blog awards when Peppe Öhman was governor of all bloggers. And all went to hint, each to his own computer. And people also hinted a blog from Ostrobothnia, from the town of Vaasa, which was called Minimal Street Art, because the blog was very original, to be nominated with Nabaz Party Blog and the everyday party outfit blog.

And here we can see Mr. & Mrs. Surename Here as they are waiting for the bus to the Blog Awards 2011.




Photoshoot, Rantakatu 4, Vaasa, Finland

A link to the first bus stop


  1. Awww <3!
    And what an outfit :D!

  2. Hahahaha! TACK! Det här är det bästa som hänt mig i dag.


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