21 Apr 2011

Trip back to the beginning

Before I will show you my newest piece I got sentimental and wanted to take you down with me!
I present to you! My first installation, once again (but now in english)! =)

Here it is!
When I started the project I only knew I wanted to have a party but I did not know where.
Choosing the spot
Then I started to make characters and for some reason the first one became a priest
In the making
When the characters were painted and done It was time to place them out.
I got alot of good ideas from friends that supported me in doing my thing. So thank you! I love you all!
The reason I started making these small characters was mainly because I wanted to decorate the city with them. There is not much street art in Vaasa.
The party is on!
I asked permission from Dj Nautinto if I could use his music for my installation and he instantly loved the idea.  The music can be heard here Dj Nautino´s webpage.
The Dj
Behind the main party was a little chillout room with a screen that showed parkour pictures.
The chillout lounge
Sadly I had to use a flash to get a good picture of the chillout room.
When the event was over I took all the valuables away and left the party like this.
After the big show

Coming up is random pics from the party.
The dancers

Just chilling

The Dj afterwards
Dj Nautinto

Guy and preist
The priest and a dude


The sofa guys

Videoclip from the event

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  1. Partyyy! ;D
    Got to say that the DJ's got a shirt you don't forget easily!


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