19 May 2011

Something new coming up

It has been a while since I posted something here and now I actually will try something new. I will be making my small characters on the spot and paint them there also. I do not know if this will work but I truly hope so. The doubt I have is that I cannot paint them if the dough is too wet. so if you see a guy playing with dough and paint on the streets of Helsinki during this weekend it is probably me.

Of course I will take photos of the whole project and if it ends up as a flop I do not know what to do...

If the weather is bad (rainy) don´t come looking for me, I won´t be there.

Love you!



  1. det låter bra som fan, ser fram emot resultaten!

  2. kul att höra från dig, najs att du gillar tavlan! jaha, vad är gräs-graffiti för något? :) peace!


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