4 Jun 2011

Minimal Street Art - Live

As I promised you I would do my next characters on the spot, baking and painting. The main plan was to make them on the streets of Helsinki but that plan did not work out due to the lack of time in Helsinki.
But now I have done it here in Vaasa. It was a very interesting project and I will definitely do it again!

The first characters I made I also filmed. As you maybe can see in the video there was some rain coming down, but that didn´t stop me.

Sun lovers

It was really easy to paint on the soft characters which I earlier had some doubts about.

Sun lovers

The paint did also dry pretty fast so I had no problem painting on the newly painted areas. My only concern was the rain.

And here comes the video of the making and baking. The video is in fast forward and still pretty long. But I hope the sweet soundtrack will keep you watching. It is made by my friend and Dj Paul M.B.

The next characters I made were at a playground inspired by the playground.

Father and daughter

Father and daughter

I am really inspired to continue making characters live on the streets. It is not as easy as making them at home but it is very fun. And I get so much inspiration from the people I see!


  1. Wonderful, so wonder-FUN :D
    Paul covered the auditive entertaining good also ;D

  2. Grymt häftig video. Ja det var en riktigt bra dag på invasionen, hade tur som bodde nära. Hoppas du hade det bra i Sverige!


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