21 Aug 2011

Minimal Street Art - the first step with clay

So, today my first character made of clay was made. It was very fun and interesting to work with clay and I look forward to continue to work with clay.

Last friday I got a fast course in how to work with clay and how to work the ceramic owen when I have enough characters. It was very fun to work with clay, the detail work is so much easier and I really hope the heat will not break my characters. But I am very optimistic and I will promise you the nicest street art from minimalstreetart so far when these characters are ready.

I do not have a ready idea of a installation at this time. I first want to work my skills with clay but then I will be making more framed work too because that was really fun.

More pictures coming up when I make more characters and start burning them. Here you can also see how much more detail I am able to do with clay. Loving it!

Peace and love!

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  1. tja! kan du dra iväg ett mejl till nolltvafemtiotre@hotmail.com, skulle vilja pratas vid i enrum, hehe :)


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