14 Sep 2011

The bus stop pt. 1

In the following blog posts I will present to you different characters that just are waiting for the bus. This is part 1.

The war veteran
This is Matti, he is a marine war veteran from the war in Afghanistan. He is 42 years old and lives in a little flat with his wife and dog Hugo. Matti works as a cleaner for a big corporation but today he is going to a fundraising ball.

Raastuvankatu, Vaasa, Finland


Jussi from Teuva
Here is Jussi from Teuva, today he is visiting the city of Vaasa to meet an old friend. He is a very calm man in his early 30´s. He lives with his parents and works on a big fur farm.



Hartmaninkuja, Vaasa, Finland

Jussi wears an old traditional Jussi shirt that has it´s origins from southern Ostrobothnia. You can read more about this shirt in wikipedia right here. And see a nice fashion photo shoot with it here.


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