14 Nov 2011

Nominated for "the most original blog"!

When I checked my facebook this morning a friend congratulated me on the nomination for the blog award. At first I did not know what he was talking about but then I remembered the blog awards that are held in Helsinki December the 5th.

I am very thankful that you like my blog and the stuff that I do. Unfortunately I have not had time to update for a while but soon there will be more.

So all of you awesome people out there, join me at the big gala at Korjaamo in Helsinki.

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  1. Din blogg är faktiskt också rätt awesome! Lycka till för allt i världen :). Peace. /partypuku

  2. Yes! En av de bloggarna jag nominerade fick vara med, och det var du! HURRA!

  3. lycka till :) välförtjänt!


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