21 Nov 2011

Preparations for the blog awards 2011

So the big day is soon coming up. I still have many decisions unmade. Maybe you readers can help me out (if you are out there)?

1. The ride
How will I arrive to the blog awards? I think a nice arrival is very important. Still it does not have to be fancy, only different.

something like this could work
2. The outfit
Well I have a friend that always knows what´s in and what´s not. And he said, something festive and hipsterish. My first thought was this

... but maybe something else work better. Ideas please!

3. The social code
How do big bloggers meet and greet? Do they have a special hand shake? Should I name drop and drink champagne the whole evening or have a low profile and drink red wine? I actually have studied some blogs so that I at least know them by name. Then it is a bonus if I recognize the bloggers from their blogs and the ultimate win would be that I know their names.

4. The  winner´s speech
Should I prepare something nice or do I think too much of me if I prepare something to say?

5. The "i´m still happy though I did not win" face
This one I have not practiced. Maybe I should! Well youtube can problably help me out in this matter.
Yup, within only a couple of minutes I found a great tutorial for this. Too bad I can not embed it here, so please click this link.

So please help me out. The big gala is soon and I really want a make an positive impression!


  1. Can u please pimp the Toyota in the same fashion as the van :D

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBirrnRj1oI

  3. Tips: superbloggare är alltid superfriends och kramar varandra redan första gången de träffas.

  4. Hej! Här får du lite tacktalstips/inspiration: http://yle.fi/extrem/blog/nicke_alden/529942-Ditt-tacktal,-varsagod

  5. Haha :)
    BAGGY PANTS dude, with a hoodie under a kavaj! That would so rock!


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