16 Dec 2011

Digital world digital work

A few days ago I showed my project idea for you. Some of you commented on it on facebook or on the blog. Thanks for that! (I still need more name suggestions). Here comes a project pic. I have the scanned image as a background and a transparent layer on it. On that layer I make this city. As soon as all the black lines are drawn I will start coloring the whole thing.

I wanted to make it 100 % on the computer so that I easily can change and build more to the city when I want/need to. I hope you like how it looks!

And yes, If you have any kinds of ideas or comments on how the whole project should be. Please tell me by commenting on the blog, facebook or in an email. I love the interaction between this blog and it´s readers.

Have a nice weekend!

Click on image for a larger view


    One for roads, one for each building. Trust me. I've been down this road A FEW TIMES. You can easilly DESTROY or MODIFY a building, if you have multiple layers.

  2. hey thanks alot! I did not come to think of that! =)

  3. Namesuggestion: Owlhedge, Flickville, Streetville, Streemini city... uhumm... just suggestions from off the top of my head ;)


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