14 Dec 2011

Major plans for MinimalStreetArt

As I earlier wrote on twitter and facebook, I have a new idea for Minimal Street Art, or concept. As you all know I make characters and put them out on the streets. I will continue doing this, but now my major idea is to bind it all to story around a fictional town. The town will eventually get a name and all my installations will kind of take place in that town. I will also take the liberty to destroy or build in the the town when ever I like. As you can see, I make myself god now (and hopefully you will be my helpers)!

The blog will become my town´s newspaper. So you will be able to follow the happenings in the town by reading the newspaper which also will contain a map of the town so that you´ll know where everything is happening.

For all of this to work and be successful I really hope I get your support, help and ideas. As you now know, you are gods little helpers!

Your first assignment:
Give me suggestions for a town name. Give me as many as you like!

To show my gratitude I will show you a sketch of the town.

Click on image for a larger view


  1. Artmini..hehe..eller de kanske e lite väl enkelt :P

  2. Jag ska grunna lite på ett namn. Gillar idén!


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