1 Jan 2012

The new MinimalStreetArt

Greetings dear readers
Today is a very special day for the editorial office. Today is the day we in the future will celebrate our birthday.

In this newspaper you can read about the happenings in the town of Janacona. You can also comment on the happenings and start conversations regarding the current topics. From time to time we will have readers polls and questions to our readers. We hope that you will eagerly take part of these polls and questions.

Last but not least we will proudly present the town map. It is made for you to more easily get a view of the locations where the happenings play out, since we know many our our readers are not residents of Janacona.
Best regards,

Editorial office
The Janacona Post

The map can be found under the header


  1. haha, klockorna! hittade dem efter ett bra tags letande, gjorde min dag :) smart idé f.ö, ska bli kul att följa! peace


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