14 Feb 2012

In memoriam, lost brothers and sisters 2011-2012

Yesterday another victim of the harsh winter was buried

During the last really cold weeks in Janacona there has been several deaths among the homeless. The accommodations for the homeless are full and many citizens has volunteered to give shelter to the homeless. 

Joel and Bill at Marwin´s casket
Joel, 47, is a former homeless man who now works for a fund that gives money to accommodations for homeless. He attends this funeral because he has lost many old friends to the cold winters the past years and he is a representative for the fund he works for.
- I am glad the media takes up this important matter. We shall not forget that there is people that needs our help. I am very glad many citizens of Janacona volunteers to help the homeless this cold winter, says Joel.

Bill is the father of the late Marwin Jackson. He has been looking for his son for ten years and found out about his tragic death last week.
- Although it is very sad that my son has passed away i´m very happy to attend his funeral, says Bill.  

Joel, representative of the fund for accommodations for the homeless.

Rest in Peace dear brothers and sisters

Memorial service was held in Dayville apartment building yesterday afternoon.
Our thoughts are on the families and friends to the lost beautiful souls.

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