12 Apr 2012

"I am merely a regular man"

Today we got the honour to meet Janacona´s probably most positve spirited man. He is Josef Michael, a retired man from years of working in the fishing industry. Nowdays he spends his days in his villa  in Sea Port, fishing and spending time with his grand children.
Mr. Michael got famous for his generosity among his workers. He used to see that every man got fish for their families and when he was not busy with administrative work he very often joined the fleet for the fishing trips. This resulted in much respect among his co-workers and the working spirit was generally very good in his company.

But he was not working around the clock. - On my spare time I usually spended time with my family and arranged fundraisers for people in poverty. It is really important that we who can help take our responsibility and do so, says Michael and fold his big arms.

It is truely wonderful that our little city is blessed with fine people like Mr. Michael!
- I am merely a regular man, Michael concludes.


This was the last installation I will make in Vaasa since I will move away in a few weeks. The installation was filmed by a film crew and will be aired not this friday but the next in a culture program called Pixel on Finnish television, channel YleFem. It has been wonderful contributing to the Vaasa street art scene. Hope you liked what I did here! Peace!



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