6 Feb 2013

Inspired by fantasy

Lately I have been very inspired by fantasy characters and tales. That is why my latest characters are more fantasy like. I am very eager to get new characters out on the streets but the snow is still stopping me or holding me back.

I also start to have a big pile of unpainted characters that I should paint. I am very much looking forward to painting them all. Some of them are probably for a exhibition and some are meant for the streets.

Last week I was very busy telling teens about street art and what I do. I think it was a succesful week from what I´ve heard and experienced. I just hope I inspired the youngsters to try street art in any form.

Coming up in march is a few Minimal Street Art workshops with the Helsinki City Culture Central. More about that later. Peace and love!
PS. I have 666 facebook followers, muhahahahahahaa!!!
pics from my instagram account or @ministreetart on twitter

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