28 Apr 2014

In a box - photosynthesis art installation

In A Box - photosynthesis art projectWhat if nature took over the world? What would it look like? And what the heck is photosynthesis? Those questions are going to be answered in this blog post, or at least the last question.

This project I started as a school collaboration project between the biology class and the visual arts class in secondary school. The ideas was for the youngsters from biology class to go out and pick up different kinds of soil and put it in to boxes and give those boxes to the visual arts class pupils. Then the visual arts pupils made small installations inside the box, on to the soil. The pupils had free hands in choosing what kind of installation it would be, but for inspiration I told them about Minimal Street Art and showed them picture of what I´ve done as street art.

When their installations are done the boxes are going to be watered down and sealed so no air can get out or in. A so called closed ecosystem. Then, the boxes are placed on a sunny spot  in the school building so all pupils can follow the project and see how nature starts to take over the installations.

This is a super simple project and easily made anywhere at any time. It is also very interesting and fun to document the evolvement for the biology class pupils. And that is exactly what I am going to do on this blog. I have now collected my soil, made my installation, watered it down and placed it on a sunny spot. So let the fun begin!

For those who wants to know more about photosynthesis, check out the picuture, it explains it fairly well.

Picture from http://www.imamuseum.org/blog/2011/02/11/mean-green-carbon-cleaning-machines/

When I started planning my project I actually streamed it, that can be seen on my youtube channel and here.

In A Box - photosynthesis art project Finally, If you are a teacher, parent, single, a cat or whatever, try out this project. It will look beautiful anywhere and you will have tons of fun making it!

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